Digital and inclusive challenges for Norwegian and German Learning and Education (DINGLE)

Adequate education for Europe is ensured through language teaching for all. However, the demands and implementation of inclusive teaching diverge greatly, since legislation and the implementation of joint schooling are regulated differently in different countries or, as a result of federalism (e.g. Germany), within countries . The DINGLE project is conceived as a preliminary study for the conception of a theoretical framework for digitally enhanced inclusive foreign language teaching in Europe, which is to ensure the quality of teaching and research in the long term and in line with the requirements of the Council of Europe. Further international research activities in this application domain are to follow. DINGLE will take the conceptual and didactic starting points of English as an example for foreign languages and will take into account the variable tasks of practitioners and future teachers in various European educational contexts. The collaborative and research-based transfer of knowledge and the empirical analysis of the universities ' own conditions for success in Norway and two different parts of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg,  make it possible to examine which aspects a theoretical framework for digitally enhanced inclusive foreign language teaching should include in order to enable self-determined, personalised, adaptive learning and to remove obstacles in dealing with digital learning formats. This strengthening of the academic relations between Germany and Norway addresses the technical  questions in connection with inclusion, heterogeneity and diversity and develops them further in order to create the empirical basis for an applicable, multidimensional, modular, university-based framework that adheres to principles of media didactics. The bilateral project can thus make a contribution to future theoretical frameworks for digitally enhanced inclusive foreign language teaching in Europe.

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  • Solveig Chilla (Universität Flensburg)
  • Christian Filk (Universität Flensburg)
  • Astrid Gillespie (OsloMet)
  • Sarah Odenwald (Universität Flensburg)
  • Dina Tsagari (OsloMet)
  • Karin Vogt (PH Heidelberg)
  • Tanyasha Yearwood (PH Heidelberg)


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  • Start: januar 2020
  • Slutt: desember 2021