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Room booking for students - reading room seats

Book a reading room seat

To show available reading room seats, do the following:

  • Tick the box for Single seat.

Then you can specify the date, building, etc.

Choose seating and confirm

Before you book your seat, you have to enter a description and choose seating among available options. You can also choose to be assigned a seat randomly. 

Finally, click confirm to book your seat.

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The booked seat will appear in My Bookings in TP.

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Change or cancel seat

  • You can cancel future bookings in My bookings.
  • You can not change or cancel the seat after the time for the booking period has begun.

General restrictions

  • Your student affiliation to UiO can determine which rooms are available.
  • Number of days ahead you can book: 3
  • How long a booking can last: 14 hours
  • How many future bookings you can have: 3
  • How many future hours of bookings one can have in total: 20 hours
  • Repeat bookings are not possible.

Opening hours

Different rooms may have different opening hours. Access to individual reading rooms depends on this.


  • Bookings appear in the room schedule in the usual way: room schedule
  • The day overview also shows students and seat numbers: day overview (show details).
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