Bianca Patria er ny stipendiat

Bianca er 24 år gammel og kommer fra en liten landsby i nærheten av Lucca i Toscana. Hun har studert historisk lingvistikk og indo-europeiske studier, og i sitt doktorgradsarbeid skal hun forske på skaldediktningen.

Bianca Patria (foto. Ellen Evju Jahr)

Bianca presenterer seg på engelsk:

«I grew up mostly in Rome until the age of 14, when my family decided to leave the city and to move to the countryside. In high school I chose the ‘Humanitites curriculum’ (that is called Liceo Classico in Italy) where you have Latin and old Greek, and Literature, History and Philosophy are the main teachings. That’s when I started developing an interest for old languages that led me to choose linguistic studies in University. I conducted both my Bachelor and Master in the University of Pisa, at the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics; my university career was centered on historical Linguistics and Indo-european studies. Germanic, Celtic and classical Armenian Philology were amongst my favorite courses, but I also enjoyed theoretical linguistics and language typology. The focus of my research in the last few years has been Old Norse poetry and poetics, in particular skaldic poetry and its diction.

At ILN I will be working on a project about skaldic poetic synonyms (old norse: heiti) and their role and relevance to the composition of skaldic stanzas. My project 'Heiti’s semantics. Lexical Analysis as an Investigative Tool for Expressive and Compositional Strategies in Skaldic Stanzas' aims to shed light on the meaning of heiti from a lexical, semantic and stylistic point of view, by means of linguistic analysis, in order to verify the hypothesis that they are not merely combinational units or metrical devices, but full sense-bearing expressions.

In the meantime I will take part in the didactic activities organized by the Department (amongst which the reading classes in Old Norse, Old Irish and Medieval Latin) within a frame that means to focus on the cultural continuum that interwove Celtic and Germanic domains during the Middle Ages.

One of the activities I like the most, for as boring as it might sound, is swimming; I love swimming very early in the morning and, then, starting my day having some relaxing minutes in the sauna afterwards. In my free time I enjoy reading novels and listening to my favorite songwriters. In the next months, I’m planning on exploring the city of Oslo and its neighborhoods, and possibly to do some trips around Norway. I have never been in Norway before, so there is quite a lot that I still have to see and to know about it.»

Av Ellen Evju Jahr
Publisert 20. sep. 2017 12:07 - Sist endret 20. sep. 2017 12:11