Kristen Mills er ny postdoktor i middelalderstudier

Kristen Mills er fra USA og har både sin mastergrad og doktorgrad innen middelalderstudier. På ILN skal hun forske på hvordan middelalderforfattere brukte bilder av begravelse og død for å understreke sammenhenger mellom sted og identitet.

Kristen Mills (Foto: Olaf Christensen)

Kristen Mills presenterer seg på engelsk:

"I received my MA and PhD from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval Studies, and my BA in English from Cornell University. My research focuses on the literatures, languages, and cultures of the medieval North Atlantic region, specifically examining grief and mourning, constructions of gender, and the cultural history of death and dying. I have taught courses on insular medieval literatures and cultures at Haverford College, St. Francis Xavier University, the University of Toronto, and Trent University.

My project at ILN is a comparative study of how medieval authors/redactors use depictions of burial, death, and the dead to articulate and emphasize connections between place and identity, in order to advance claims of cultural, ancestral primacy over contested or colonized landscapes. The main focus of the project will be on vernacular and Latin texts composed in Ireland and Britain (primarily Wales and the Welsh Marches) during and after the period of Norman colonization."

Av Olaf Christensen
Publisert 23. aug. 2017 09:41 - Sist endret 23. aug. 2017 09:41