Untold stories: When the “family dream” goes unrealized

This day of debate is about the personal stories that seldom get told: what it means to be involuntarily childless in a society that tends to revolve around children and what happens when becoming a parent is not what one had expected.This event aims to contribute new voices, arguments and angles of approach to the Norwegian public debate on fertility, family and parenthood.


8.30 Registration and coffee

9.00 Welcome

9.15 “Muzzled Voices of Parenthood”

Robert Blackwood, Reader (University of Liverpool, UK), “The muffling and vocalising of traditionally dominant voices: A father's perspective.”

Orna Donath, Post-doctoral Fellow (Ben Gurion University of Negev, Israel), “Politics of reproduction and emotions: What can we learn from the social denial of regretting motherhood?”

Kellie Gonçalves, Post-doctoral Fellow, Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (UiO), “Being a mom isn't all it’s cracked up to be: The challenges of motherhood in the 21st century.”

Elizabeth Lanza, Professor & Director of the Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (UiO), “Challenges for transnational parents in contemporary globalized society.”

10.45 Coffee break

11.00 “Childlessness, Silences and Taboo”

Cristina Archetti, Professor, Institute of Media and Communication (UiO), “Writing about invisibility: Childlessness beyond not having the baby”

Marjolein De Boer, Post-doctoral Fellow, Institute of Health & Society (UiO), “Silencing childless women in fertility reality TV.”

Robin Hadley Formerly research consultant at the Open University (UK), now independent researcher on male childlessness, counsellor, advisor to the board of the British organization Ageing Without Children (http://awoc.org/), “The real stories of men who wanted to be dads.”

Esmée Hanna, Researcher, School of Health & Community Studies (Leeds Beckett University, UK), “Stigma and silence: The male experience of fertility issues.”

12.30 Lunch break

13.15 “Speaking Out: Finding a Voice & Dealing with Reactions”

Hilde Merete Haug, Sociologist, film director and producer of the documentary on involuntary childlessness “Mammaen i meg [The mother in me]

Linda Malm, Blogger (http://www.andrasidantroskeln.se/author/linda/), psychosynthesis counsellor, member of the board of the Barnlängtan organization (Sweden) for involuntarily childless, founder of the network “Andra sidan tröskeln,” ‘a meeting and debate place for those who have not fulfilled the “baby dream.”’

Elisabeth Tøtte Hansen, NRK journalist and producer of radio documentary “Aldri mamma [Never mother].

14.30 Coffee break

14.45 “Who is Listening? Society’s Responses”

Eira Bjørvik, Researcher, Department of Health and Society (UiO), expert in the history of reproductive medicine.

Lise Boeck Jakobsen, Chairwoman, Ønskebarn (Norwegian association for fertility and childlessness).

Bente Sandvig, member of Biologirådet secretariat (Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board); Director of Lifestance/Political Issues at the Norwegian Humanist Association; former party secretary of the Socialist Left Party.

Vegard Skirbekk, Professor (Columbia University Aging Center, New York); Senior Researcher at the Centre for Fertility and Health (Senter for fruktbarhet og helse), Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet).

16.00 Final remarks

The debate will be conducted in English and Norwegian.

Contact: Cristina Archetti

The event is sponsored by Fritt Ord.

Attendance is free. Please register here


Institute of Media and Communication, UiO and MultiLing - Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan, UiO
Publisert 17. jan. 2018 14:46