Introduction to Stata

Introduction to data management and statistics with Stata.


Time and place:

The course consists of two sessions:

Wednesday November 4th, 10:15-12:00

Thursday November 5th, 10:15-12:00

Both will be held in Harald Schjelderups hus in the room called Seminarrom 3. Click here for a map.

Who is it for?

UiO reseachers and students who want to get started with Stata. The aim is to provide a soft and not-too-technical introduction. Some basic knowledge of statistics and research methodology is useful, but not required.

How do I sign up?

Sign up with this form. You will need a valid user account at UiO.

Important: Participants must bring their own portable PC or Mac (laptop) with Stata already installed. The seminar room does not have any computers for students. Bringing your computer's power chord is recommended. The latest version of Stata may be downloaded from or Stata is also available remotely on UiO Programkiosk. If you need help with the installation, contact local IT in your department


The main goals are to

  1. Get started with Stata

  2. Learn data management
  3. Get an overview of how to use Stata for analysis

Topics include: The different Stata windows, opening data files, data set structure, selecting observations, documenting your work, dealing with missing data, descriptive statistics and graphics, example commands for estimation and hypothesis testing, getting help/further studies.


The course will be in English this semester.


Knut Waagan, PhD, Data Capture and Collections Management Group, USIT.

Contact information

It is best to send questions about the course to

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