User course in radiation protection for work with open radioactive sources

The course will ensure that those who work with open radioactive sources have the necessary knowledge about radiation protection and radioactivity, so that the work is carried out in accordance with current laws and regulations.


The course should give the individual participant confidence in work with radioactive materials, and ensure that those who work with radioactivity feel able to perform the work in a safe, responsible manner. The course will give participants enough knowledge about radiation and radiation hazards to be able to safely carry out work with radioactive compounds. Participants should be enabled to perform the work without fear for own safety or the safety of others, and with certainty that the necessary precautions and safety routines are followed.


Topics covered in the course:

  • Different types of radiation
  • How radiation interacts with the surroundings
  • The Chart of the nuclides - how to find the properties of a nucleus
  • Dose calculations and doses limits
  • What happens when radiation hits the body?
  • Detection of radiation, measurement of radiation dose
  • How to protect yourself against radiation
  • How do we handle radioactive waste?
  • Review of laws and regulations
  • Practical training in the use of protective equipment and hand-held radiation monitors

The course concludes with a written exam. Those who pass the exam will be issued a certificate.

Target groups

The course is mandatory for all those who use open radioactive sources in their work/studies at UiO.


3 days


  • The registration deadline is three work days prior to the course start.
  • Register for the course by completing the online form.

Course fee

The course is free of charge.

Note: In case of absence that has not been notified to, your unit will be billed with a fee of NOK 1000.

Course leader

Jon Petter Omtvedt, Professor, Nuclear Chemistry Section, Department of Chemistry

Contact information

Frøydis Schulz, Radiation Protection Coordinator UiO

Jon Petter Omtvedt, Professor, Nuclear Chemistry Section, Department of Chemistry

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