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Kommende arrangementer

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Tid og sted: 10. okt. 202214. okt. 2022, European University Institute, Florence

The IUROPA network – in collaboration with the EUI, ARENA and PluriCourts – has announced a call for participation in a one-week workshop that will assist early-career researchers with the uptake of new research tools related to judicial decision-making.

the Nansen Neuroscience Network (NNN)

Is ageing inevitable?

Mechanisms of ageing are evolutionarily conserved – how can they be modified to prolong function of body and brain?

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Tid og sted: 13. okt. 2022 15:0017:00, PAM 8

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow Rinni Marliyana Haji Amran will present her project on oil, environment and national identity in Bruneian fiction, and Professor Rebecca Scherr will talk about what comics offer in terms of future-visualizing and future-thinking.