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Tid og sted: 23. sep. 2020 14:1515:30, Zoom: 8270614124

Jim Porter is a researcher at the Hugo Valentin Centre in the Department of History at Uppsala University.   His work has appeared in Isis, History of Science and Multiethnica and his current research project is funded by the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation.  Dr. Porter is interested in social and scientific constructions of “intelligence” and how such beliefs and theories were put to work in educational policy in the interwar and post-WWII United States.     

Tid og sted: 7. okt. 2020 14:1515:30, Zoom: 8270614124

Aikaterini (Katerina) Fotopoulou, PhD, is a Professor in Psychodynamic Neuroscience at University College London. Her lab focuses on topics and disorders that lie at the borders between neurology and psychology, funded initially by a Starting Investigator Grant ‘Bodily Self’ and more recently a Consolidator grant ‘METABODY’ from the European Research Council. Katerina is the founder of IASAT and the editor of the volume: Fotopoulou, A., Conway, M.A., Pfaff, D. From the Couch to the Lab: Trends in Psychodynamic Neuroscience. Oxford University Press, 2012. In 2016, Katerina was awarded the prestigious Early Career Award of the International Neuropsychology Society. See here for further projects and publications.

Tid og sted: 21. okt. 2020 14:1515:30, TBA
Tid og sted: 25. nov. 2020 14:1515:30, TBA

Barbara Osimani is visiting the Science Studies Colloquium Series. Osimani obtained a PhD degree at the University of Lugano (2007) with a thesis on the interplay between regulatory and epistemological constraints in drug approval and informed consent. From 2008 to 2012 she has been working as Senior Researcher at the Centre for Bioethics of the Catholic University of Milan. Before joining the MCMP she worked as Research Fellow at the University of Camerino, Department of Pharmacology (2012-2015). 

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