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Tid og sted: 3. apr. 2017 09:0016:00, Tøyen hovedgård, Naturhistorisk museum

Det årlige møtepunktet for alle som arbeider med formidling og utstillinger ved museer.

Tid og sted: 3. apr. 2017 09:0016:00, Tøyen hovedgård, Naturhistorisk museum

Det årlige møtepunktet for alle som arbeider med formidling og utstillinger ved museer.

Tid og sted: 28. mars 2017 11:3015:30, Tøyen Hovedgård

Alle ved NHM inviteres herved til et halvdagsseminar om forskningen ved NHMs feltstasjon i Øvre Heimdalen.  

Everyone at NHM is invited to a half-day seminar on research at the museum's field station in Øvre Heimdalen.


Tid og sted: 2. mars 2017 10:0012:00, Tøyen Hovedgård
Tid og sted: 15. feb. 2017 09:0018. feb. 2017 21:00, Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultetet, Universitet i Oslo

Miljøbevegelser bruker slagordet "systemendring, ikke klimaendring". Det viser til gjentatte mislykkede forsøk på å redusere klimagassutslipp med internasjonale forhandlinger og teknologiske innovasjoner. Samfunn må i stedet endres fundementalt for å kunne forhindre katastrofale klimaendringer.  

Dette danner utgangspunktet for konferansen "Ecological Challenges 2017" der vi vil fokusere på spørsmål relatert til systemendring.

Tid og sted: 15. feb. 2017 09:0018. feb. 2017 17:00, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo

Environmental movements use the slogan “System Change, not Climate Change.” It points out that international negotiations and technological innovations repeatedly fail to reduce carbon emissions levels, and that our societies need to be profoundly transformed to prevent disastrous climate change.

Plakat for konferansen
Tid og sted: 9. feb. 2017 08:0010. feb. 2017 16:30, Oslo

Årets nasjonale konferanse om hjerneslag finner sted 9.-10. februar 2017 i Oslo Kongressenter. Den 6. nasjonale konferansen om hjerneslag samler Norges fremste eksperter på feltet.

Tid og sted: 26. jan. 2017 11:0028. jan. 2017 15:00, University of Oslo

A conference celebrating the work of Ragni Piene on the occasion of her 70th birthday.

Tid og sted: 12. jan. 2017 12:0013. jan. 2017 13:00, Aud. 2, The Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo

The workshop will bring together young and experienced scientists in the nordic region with a shared interest in soft materials consisting of synthetic and biological components, and scattering techniques based on light, X-rays or neutrons.

Tid og sted: 10. jan. 2017 13:0017:00, Universitetet i Oslo, Auditorium 2, første etasje, Eilert Sundts hus (SV-bygget)

Januarkonferansen 2017 setter fokus på tre av de store utfordringene i arbeidsmarkedet: migrasjon, handel og teknologi.

Tid og sted: 9. jan. 2017 08:3010. jan. 2017 17:00, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

The symposium is a follow-up of four highly successful previous symposia, held 14-15 October 2008 in the Norwegian Academy in Oslo, 1-2 November 2010 in RSE in Edinburgh, 2013 Oslo and 2015 Edinburgh.  Topics of this year's symposium include: internal waves, waves and ice, freak waves and wave-structure interaction as well as related aspects of stratified and buoyancy-driven oceanic flows. 

The scope of the programme will reflect the ongoing wave research projects in Norway and Scotland individually and in collaboration and it will include a special session celebrating the 6oth birthday of John Grue, the co-Director of the DNVA-RSE Waves symposia since their inception.



Tid og sted: 5. jan. 2017 12:008. jan. 2017 09:00, Lysebu (Oslo)

The 17th Danish-Norwegian workshop in Operator algebras will take place at Lysebu (Oslo), January 5 - 8, 2017, with support from the Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation. It will start with lunch on Thursday, January 5, and end after breakfast on Sunday, January 8.

One day of the workshop will be devoted to commemorate our dear colleague and friend, Ola Bratteli, who passed away in 2015 and would have turned 70 in October 2016.  Ola’s nearest collaborators over the years (George Elliott, David Evans, Akitaka Kishimoto, Palle Jorgensen and Derek Robinson) will then give talks reflecting the great impact of Ola’s work within several topics (e.g. AF-algebras, derivations, C*-dynamical systems, mathematical physics, wavelets).

Participation is possible only by personal invitation from the organizing committee. 

The programme will be made available around the beginning of December. 

Tid og sted: 7. des. 2016, Sundvolden Hotell, Dronningveien 2, 3531 Krokkleiva

Den nasjonale forskerskolen i kjønnsforskning i samarbeid med sentrene/miljøene i kjønnsforskning i Norge inviterer til Allmennkurs 2016: Kjønn som analytisk dimensjon - teoretiske posisjoner - metodiske konsekvenser.

Tid og sted: 18. nov. 2016 09:0015:00, Universitetet i Oslo, Georg Sverdrups hus

Høstkonferanse om forholdet mellom forskning og statsforvaltning.

Colombia country outline
Tid og sted: 30. sep. 2016 08:1509:30, Kjelleren, Litteraturhuset

Frokostseminar om fredsavtalen i Colombia.

Tid og sted: 9. sep. 201610. sep. 2016, Klækken Hotell

The statistics groups at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences invite all PhD-students and postdocs within statistics in the Oslo-region as well as their teachers and supervisors to a  2-days workshop.

Tid og sted: 11. aug. 201612. aug. 2016, Georg Sverdrups hus, Moltke Moes vei 39

The University of Oslo in cooperation with Nordic Migration Research and the Norwegian Network for Migration Research welcomes you to The 18th Nordic Migration Conference. This interdisciplinary and international conference takes place every two years, and will this time take place in Oslo.

Conference website


Tid og sted: 5. juli 2016 08:307. juli 2016 18:00, Wolfgang Pauli Institute, Vienna

On 5-7 July 2016, there will be a conference on the mathematics of energy markets organized at the Wolfgang Pauli Institute (WPI) in Vienna, Austria. The conference is an activity within the thematic program "Mathematics for Risk in Finance and Energy" at the WPI. 

We welcome participants from academia and industry to take part in this event.  

A pre-conference intensive course on stochastic modelling of energy markets will be organized on Monday July 4. The course leader will be Professor Fred Espen Benth. Click here to get more information about the intensive course.

Tid og sted: 4. juli 2016 09:0016:00, Wolfgang Pauli Institute, Vienna

By participating in this intensive course, you will learn about recent developments in the modelling of the random dynamics of forward and futures prices in energy (and commodity) markets. A general theoretical framework for stochastic processes with values in function space is developed, and applied to the particular situation of forward price modelling, yielding a class of space-time random fields.

The course requires a knowledge in stochastic analysis. 


Tid og sted: 23. juni 201628. juni 2016, Quality Hotel, Tønsberg, Norway


The conference is part of a joint French-Norwegian conference series on curves and surfaces. In Norway previous meetings were held in Oslo 1988, Biri 1991, Ulvik 1994, Lillehammer 1997, Oslo 2000, Tromsø 2004, Tønsberg 2008, and Oslo 2012. In France the last meeting was in Paris 2014.