NCS Virtual Colloquium: Voluntary Associations and the Market: A Complex Relationship

Associate Professor Anne Berg, Uppsala University, presents her ongoing work on voluntary associations and the market in nineteenth-century Sweden.

An old black and white-photo of women and men behind the counter at an old fashioned shop.

Photo: The National Archives of Norway.

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A complex relationship

How and why could voluntary associations survive in nineteenth-century Sweden?

Preliminary findings on workers’ and popular associations suggest that they developed a certain relation to the existent market economy. Commercial endeavours were an important part of the financing of associations, yet unlike firms, the surplus of various enterprises was used for non-profit goals.

In her talk, Anne Berg will discuss the issue of how associations financed themselves in relation to the historical economic context into which they were born.

New research

Berg is currently working on two civil society projects:

  • Cost of freedom? The Material Conditions of the Emergence of Civil Society in Sweden during the 19th century’ (with Samuel Edquist).
  • Bourgeois feminism or class solidarity? Working class women's actions and strategies in the bourgeois movement around the turn of the century 1900’ (with Johanna Ringarp).

Berg’s article "The market and “the making”: the economics of the first workers’ associations in nineteenth-century Sweden" in Social History (2020) is available Open Access.

Publisert 15. mars 2021 15:57 - Sist endret 29. mars 2021 16:03