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Tid og sted: 17. aug. 2020, Os, Bjørnafjorden Hotell

The University of Bergen, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology  and the University of Oslo have the pleasure of inviting all PhD-students working within the fields of energy to the 2020 interdisciplinary summer school on flexible energy systems.

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Tid: 26. aug. 2020 12:0013:00

UiO:Energy would like to invite you to an open lunch where PhDs working within the field of sustainable energy will present their research projects. In this webinar, Heidi Sydnes Egeland from the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law and Camilla Louise Würtzen from the Department of Geosciences will talk about juridical and geological challenges related to carbon capture and storage (CCS).  

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Tid og sted: 2. sep. 2020 12:1513:00, Register for webinar in Zoom

What role does energy play in fighting climate change and achieving more sustainable societies? Vebjørn Bakken, theoretical chemist and director of UiO:Energy, presents the work of UiO:Energy, its interdisciplinary approach, and why there is a need for such an initiative.