Program - podcasts and slides from presentations - photos

We have published podcasts of the keynote lectures and the final roundtable session and slides or manuscripts for some speakers. Se also photos from the conference.

Keynotes - podcasts

Andrew Abbott: Interdisciplinary tolerance.


Rudolf Stichweh: On the complementarity of disciplines and interdisciplinarity. Slides (pdf)


Lars Qvortrup: University mergers between Humboldt and Stanford: The construction and deconstruction of disciplines and interdisciplinarities. Slides (pdf).


Sheila Jasanoff: A Discipline in Spite of Itself: Relativism, Reflexivity, and Resistance in STS. Slides (pdf). The podcast has been slightly edited:


Final roundtable session: Boundary-work in science studies. With Sheila Jasanoff,  Rudolf Stichweh, Jane Summerton, Raf Vanderstraeten. Moderator: Helge Jordheim.


Parallel Sessions - slides / texts

Raf Vanderstraeten: The sociology of the history of science

Desmond McNeill: On Matter and Meaning: Confronting the Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research

David Budtz Pedersen: Mapping disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity in the humanities

Jonathan Simon: Thinking about Scientific Disciplines

Noëlle L.W. Streeton: Sitting between stools: conservation research between the Humanities and Physical Sciences.

Ida Jahr: Inter-disciplinarities of American Studies in Europe and the U.S.

Monika Nerland & Karen Jensen: Knowledge cultures as constitutive for students’ learning in higher education: Disciplinary cultures and Epistemic cultures

Jeremy Hutchings: “Neither fish nor fowl” Mapping an interdisciplinary professional subject.

Annika Bergviken Rensfeldt & Rita Foss Lindblad: At the crossroads between ”scientific excellence” and ”practice‐relevant science”: Epistemic tensions in the Doctoral School

Eevi Beck: What (inter)disciplinarity? What do demarcations do?

Bianca Vienni & al.: Interdisciplinarity in higher education: Espacio Interdisciplinario from the University of the Republic (Uruguay)

Sissel Myklebust: The Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s “delusionial universe”: Experts and disciplines in conflict


Conference program (pdf, 13.09.12)

Book of abstracts (pdf, 07.09.12)



Vidar Grøtta.




The audience




Sheila Jasanoff




Round table





L. to r.: Sheila Jasanoff, Raf Vanderstraeten, Jane Summerton, Rudolf Stichweh and Helge Jordheim



Domenico di Michelino: Seven Liberal Arts. Birmingham Museum of Art