Regimes of Temporality

Photo: Alan Cleaver. CC BY 2.0.

Investigating the Plurality and Order of Times Across Histories, Cultures, Technologies, Materialities and Media

International conference at the University of Oslo, June 5-7, 2013.

Humans live and work in different times. The standardized global clock time, both homogenous and linear, is only one of them. Our lives unfold through a variety of time frames: cyclical or linear, repetitive or cumulative, slow or fast, measured or experienced, short or long. During the last years a series of new times have emerged due to globalization, technological innovation and climate change, e. g. the instantaneity of digital communication, the many time scales of CO2 emissions and temperature rise and the collapse of the idea of unilinear global progress.

The goal of this conference, hosted by the interdisciplinary research program KULTRANS at the University of Oslo, is to open a dialogue between disciplines and fields, such as history, anthropology, media studies, sociology, STS, biology, geology, philosophy, literature and others on the emergences, conflicts, and hierarchies of different times in past, present and future.

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 Conference updates

  • 06.06.13: E.F. Swensen's paper has been cancelled
  • 04.06.13: The final program has been revised
  • 29.05.13. Final program & book of abstracts
  • 07.05.13. New revision of the program
  • 26.04.13: A revised program has been published
  • 05.04.13: Registration has opened
  • 09.03.13: A preliminary program has been published
  • 27.02.13: A first prgram draft will be published by March 8.
  • 20.02.13: The reviewing process is slightly delayed due to a large number of abstracts. We will notify all authors by e-mail on Monday 25 February at the latest.
  • 06.12.12: CFP published