Call for papers


Abstract deadline: 15th March 2010 - CLOSED


Notification of acceptance: 15th April 2010. All authors should now have received notification (20 April). 

Registration opened on: 1st May 2010

Deadline for full paper: 15th August 2010. Please respect our basic guidelines (to be downloaded as a pdf file here) and submit your manuscript to Beate Trandem -

Files may be in pdf, doc, odf or any other relevant format.

Papers will be precirculated. We are hoping to publish selected papers after the conference.


An aim of this conference is to bring historically oriented narratives and approaches together with contemporary studies, hence to bring ‘the archive’ into an exchange with, for instance, ethnographic ways of working. It is to link the ways in which we narrate the past now, with ways of approaching and re-presenting the present. Thus our questions will not only deal with ‘what´s going on’, ‘what are these transformations’, but also the question of method; how to do the work – empirically as well as theoretically.


Papers are invited on any aspect of the conference theme

Possible topics for sessions and papers are:

• Protecting, caring, conserving, killing, enhancing, ordering, securing, displaying, naming, modelling and reproducing – lives.

• How do we understand current and past interventions in lives and living processes?

• Are current and past attempts to politicize biology, and to biologize politics, or biopolitics, sufficient to understand who and what is at stake?

• How are practices as diverse as public health, health care, agri- and aquaculture, field and laboratory science, politics and administration changing lives and altering as those lives change?



Please send a 400-words abstract along with a short presentation of your research interest, name, position, and institutional affiliation to beatet (@)