Keynote speakers / commentators

Karen A. Rader - Virginia Commonwealth University (USA): "Domestication Revisited: Scientific Animals in the Laboratory and Beyond"

Rane Willerslev - Aarhus University (Denmark): ‘The Limits of the Human Imagination’. A Comparative Study of Anthropomorphic Thinking among Indigenous Hunters and Ethologists

John Law  - Open University, Milton Keynes (UK): "Fishy Companions?"

Garry Marvin - Roehampton University - (UK): " 'Together, in one': That hyphen in human-animal studies"

Volker Hess - Institut für Geschichte der Medizin, Berlin (Germany): "Laudatio ranae. The history of physiology from the frog's eye view"

Gail Davies - University College London, Department of Geography (UK): "Caring for the multitude and the multiple"