Kristin Asdal

Kristin Asdal

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Contact: tel: +47 22 841614

Kristin Asdal is Professor of Science, Technology and Culture at the University of Oslo, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK). Originally trained in economic history, she later moved to science and technology studies.

She has been a visiting scholar at CSI (Paris), Centre for science studies (Lancaster) and at OUCE (Oxford).

In her research Kristin has been particularly interested in exploring the exchanges and confrontations between natural science and economics in politics and administration. She is fascinated by the workings of ordinary political institutions and the political technologies involved in producing ordinariness.

She tends to be increasingly interested in methods and the performativity of methods, both the methods for doing politics as well as the methods for doing social science and history.

She is involved in the interdisciplinary project “Newcomers to the farm”, and will be exploring the processes of innovation and transformations in making new species become farmed objects.

Selected Publications

Books and edited volumes

(2011) Politikkens natur. Naturens politikk. Oslo. Universitetsforlaget.
(2008) edited with Ingunn Moser and Christian Borch: The Technologies of Politics. Special issue of Distinktion. Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory, no. 16
(2008) Asdal, K., Kjell Lars Berge, Karen Gammelgaard, Trygve Riiser Gundersen, Helge Jordheim, Tore Rem, Johan L. Tønnesson (2008) Tekst og historie. Å lese tekster historisk. Scandinavian University Press.
(2008) edited with Ingunn Moser: Ekspertise og brukermakt [Expertise and Userpower] Unipub. 
(2007) edited with Brita Brenna and Ingunn Moser: Technoscience. The Politics of Interventions, Unipub: Oslo.
(2005) Grensetrafikk. Nedslag i veterinærvesenets og matpolitikkens historie. [Boundary traffic. Tracing the history and politics of food]. Unipub.
(2004) Politikkens teknologier. Produksjoner av regjerlig natur. [The technologies of politics.Producing governable nature]. PhD Thesis, Acta Humaniora, Unipub.
(2001) edited with Brita Brenna and Ingunn Moser: Teknovitenskapelige kulturer, Spartacus.
(1998) Knappe ressurser? Økonomenes grep om miljøfeltet. [Scarce Resources? The Economists hold on the Environment]. Scandinavian University Press.

Articles (in English only)

(2014) Models as contested objects: Axel Holst and the history of scurvy and beri-beri. Social history of medicine.  ISSN 0951-631X.
(2014) Versions of milk and versions of care: The emergence of mother´s milk as an interested object and medicine as a form of dispassionate care. Science in Context.  ISSN 0269-8897.
Asdal, Kristin & Gradmann, Christoph (2014). Science, technology, medicine - and the state: The science-state nexus in Scandinavia 1850-1980. Science in Context.  ISSN 0269-8897.
Law, John; Afdal, Geir; Asdal, Kristin; Lin, Wen-yuan; Moser, Ingunn Brita & Singleton, Vicky (2014). Modes of Syncretism: notes on non-coherence. Common Knowledge.  ISSN 0961-754X.
(2012) Contexts in Action – And the future of the past in STS, Science, Technology and Human Values.  ISSN 0162-2439.  37(4), s 379- 403 . doi: 10.1177/0162243912438271
Asdal, Kristin & Moser, Ingunn Brita (2012). Experiments in Context and Contexting. Science, Technology and Human Values.  ISSN 0162-2439.  37(4), s 291- 306 . doi: 10.1177/0162243912449749
(2011) The office: The weakness of numbers and the production of non-authority. Accounting, Organizations and Society.  ISSN 0361-3682.  36(1), s 1- 9 . doi: 10.1016/j.aos.2011.01.001
(2009) Subjected to Parliament II, In Tora Holmberg (ed.), Investigating Human/Animal Relations. Centrum för genusvetenskap.  ISBN 978-91-978186-0-5.  Scientific animals.  s 164 - 172
(2008) Subjected to Parliament: Experimental Medicine and the Animal Body in Social Studies of Science, vol 38, no. 6, 899-917.
(2008) On politics and the little tools of Democracy. A Down to Earth Approach. Distinktion. Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory. No. 16: 5-26.
(2008) Enacting things through Numbers. Taking Nature into Accounting in Geoforum, vol 38, 123-132.
(2007) Re-inventing politics of the state: Science and the politics of contestation, in Asdal, Brenna and Moser (eds), Technoscience. The politics of interventions, Oslo: Unipub. (2006) Making space with medicine: The dissolution of Norway's union with Sweden and the unexplored role of animal trade. Scandinavian Journal of History, 31(3-4): 255-269.
(2005) Returning the Kingdom to the King: A post-constructivist response to the critique of positivism, in Acta Sociologica, vol. 48, no. 3, 253-262.
(2003) The Problematic Nature of Nature: The Post-constructivist Challenge to Environmental History, History and Theory, no. 4, vol 42, 239-253.

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