Interreligious conflict and peacebuilding in Nigeria

A seminar on interreligious conflict and peacebuilding, with religious leaders from Nigeria.

Presentations by Muhammed Ashafa and James Wuye (cf. the film The Imam and the Pastor). Responses from Tale Steen Johnsen, University of Agder and Shoaib Sultan (formerly General Secretary of the Islamic Council in Norway).

Imam Muhammed Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye work together for peace and reconciliation between faith communities in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. They have also been called in to share advice in other conflict areas in Africa. This was not always so: In the 1990s the two men led opposing militias in Northern Nigeria in a conflict that has killed thousands in recent decades.

"We formed a militia to protect our people". states Pastor Wuye. "My hate for the Muslims then had no limits".

In 2006 Ahsafa and Wuye’s story become known through the documentary The Imam & the Pastor which was also screened at the University of Oslo. In March they will visit Norway together for the first time.

An abridged version of the film will be shown at the seminar before Imam Ashafa and Pastor Wuye share their experiences and insights in their own words.

There will be responses from Tale Steen Johnsen from the University of Agder on the potential of local level interreligious peace building, and from Shoaib Sultan on possible lessons for Norwegian interreligious relations.

MEDIA COVERAGE: see the article Moralsk opprustet dialog i Aftenposten 24.03.2011.

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