Religion Across Media.Theoretical Perspectives and Case Studies

International workshop. The third day (Wednesday 15 February - see program below) is open to all interested. Participation in the first two days of the workshop (13-14 February) is by invitation.

The full program can be browsed here.

Wednesday February 15th: Open day. Venue: Auditorium U40, Det teologiske fakultet

09:00     Panel discussion

Religion Across Media:  Mediation and mediatization – concepts of time and space

Discussions from the previous days of the workshop will be carried further into this panel discussion. Which analytical concepts are suitable to grasp Religion Across Media? How could this be done across time even back to ancient times, and across space beyond the Nordic context? Leading international scholars in the ongoing debates on mediation and mediatization of religion take part in this panel.

Discussants: Birgit Meyer (Professor of Religious Studies, Utrecht University), Mia Lövheim (Professor of Religious Studies, Uppsala University), Peter Horsfield (Professor and Associate Dean for Writing and Communication at the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, Melbourne). Discussion leader: Stig Hjarvard (Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen).

10:30     Coffee

11:00     Public lecture

Film as Revelation

by Birgit Meyer (Professor of Religious Studies, Utrecht University)

This presentation takes the Ghanaian video-film industry as a case to analyze the deployment of the popular imagination in a setting of neo-liberal media deregulation which offers unprecedented possibilities for people to seize the hitherto state-dominated medium of cinema, screening and making public an alternative imagery. Based on twenty years of historical and ethnographic research, this lecture focuses on a salient aspect of video-movies: the depiction of spirits on screen and their indebtedness to Pentecostalism (the fastest growing variant of Christianity in Africa). Next to pictures, a number of clips will be presented that suggest a framing of movies as a revelation through which the operation of what happens in the spiritual realm is exposed, and it will be proposed that the camera itself is made to operate as an all-seeing eye of God. The central point is to argue that the use of audio-visual technologies is embedded in a Christian imaginary, thereby bringing about a techno-religious realism through which moving pictures are vested with an aura of truth.


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