Workshop for Teaching and Learning for Accessibility and with Universal Design

How do we make education at UiO accessible to all who study here? What tools are available to educators to meet students’ needs? 

What you will learn

The workshop offers opportunities for academics and those who work with or conduct research on accessibility and universal design to learn about what UiO offers.

There will be presentations on theories and concepts related to accessibility and universal design in higher education, as well as a place to try out hardware and software designed to meet at least some of the goals of universal design.

In this workshop we aim at developing

  • Use of tools for universal design and accessibility
  • Understanding of concepts and theories on universal design and accessibility and why they are important for students and academics

Registration closes on 03.05.22.

Register for the workshop here!

A module within the university pedagogy programme 

Those who are interested in receiving 10 hours toward their basic competence in pedagogy, must register for the workshop and complete two additional assignments through the following module page. Make sure to apply for the module by 29th of April!

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