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Student-Staff Partnership depends on mutual respect and empowerment. How can we work together to improve the learning environment at our university?

All thoughts and ideas are welcome! 

Join LINK, Folkeliggjort and Union371@SiO for an informal chat and a snack! 

et mønster av menneskehode laget av mindre figurer av mennesker som jobber i lag


LINK, together with students and panel guests, continues to deep dive into how we organise spaces and collaboration in order to achieve even more student engagement and belonging at UiO. Together we create an arena for a shared university culture and dialogue between students and staff on our common goals for an inclusive and nourishing psychosocial learning environment. 

Student participants will share their experience on how they create change and engage with the UiO-entities in their approach to improve student life, learning routines and tackle challenges. 

Student partnership is on top of the agenda both for LINK and UiO entities. Central concepts we come across when addressing the subject are

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 Join the journey! 


Doors open from 2 PM. Snacks and refreshments are served.

  • 2.15 PM - Presentation and Panel Discussion
  • 3 PM - Free flow Dialogue

Introduction and Context Presentation by Rebekka Walle, LINK

Panel Participants

  • Bjørn Stensaker, Vice-Rector for Education, The University Leadership Team

  • Ilan Villanger, Senior Adviser and Project Leader for ForVei, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • Luca Tateo, Professor, Department of Special Needs Education

  • Therese Langseth, student at Archaeology, Conservation and History, Faculty of Humanities

  • Tobias Rade Evensen, Deputy Chairman of the Legal Student Committee and CF Futurum, Chairman of the Board of Folkeliggjort

Audience participation and questions for the panel are warmly encouraged.

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This event is a part of LINKs Snakk om series which we use to discuss topics, important for students and staff. The shared ideas and solutions are implemented in our continuous efforts to improve conditions for working and studying at UiO. 


In our previous Snakk om we identified a few key areas for improvement and further discussion. Panel and event participants concluded in plenum we would need to 

  • get a common language between students and staff
  • facilitate activities which make us get to know each other better
  • facilitate spaces and arenas that build trust between staff and students
  • meet students as own individuals and empower students with knowledge on how to participate
  • be constructive in giving feedback to the established university practices and culture
  • embrace engagement and find the way how we can become part of the solution
  • demystify concepts and campus rules of conduct for the new comers to the UiO
  • remind each other that student voices are taken seriously and matter so students can feel equipped and free to participate more actively
  • create spaces for the wholeway pedagogy which could happen in all the spaces at campus starting from hall way to cafe to the classroom
  • cooperate and co-create psychosocial learning environment accessible for all

LINKs Report

January 2022 LINK published a report on students’ psychosocial learning environment and their experience of UiO’s offers of academic support (in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic).  

The report finds that students are mostly satisfied with what UiO offers academically, but that many feel lonely, isolated and left to their own devices when it comes to social arenas and support. These findings can be supported by other surveys, such as SHoT. The report also indicates that students desire more contact and understanding between students and staff.

Separately from the report, some among UiOs staff express a desire to see their efforts meet students’ needs. They also wonder why some efforts seem to go unnoticed or are not made use of by the students.

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