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Elective modules

Large elective modules

Each module lasts for approximately 30 hours. The content of the modules, schedule and application is organized under each module.

Research Supervision
2 full days + ½ day
In this module, we focus on the ways we can make use of assessment and feedback in our course designs to support students in their learning and in achieving the intended learning outcomes of the course.

Assessment and Feedback
Assessment and feedback are central elements of each course design, as they shape the knowledge contents and learning activities students focus on during their studies

Integrating knowledge, skills and purpose for teaching
2 full days + ½ day
This course is designed to provide academic staff with practice using different tools and approaches to help students to integrate the knowledge, skills, and purpose of a discipline or profession and reflect critically on their learning

Only a click away from knowledge? Information literacy in a digital age
2 full days + ½ day

Writing to Learn (Part 2)
2 gatherings of 5 hours

Course design for student engagement
2 full days and ½ day 
This course is intended to provide academic staff with knowledge and opportunities to practice designing their courses, seminars or lab work in ways that engage students and stimulates participation

Small elective modules

Each module lasts approxiomately 15 hours. The module's content, schedule and application is organized under each module.

Lecturing and Teaching
1 plenary session and 1 day group work
This module will emphasize the dramaturgical elements in lecturing through practical training.

Writing to Learn (Part 1)
2 gatherings of 4 hours
The main focus of this module is writing in learning processes.

Overcoming Doubt About Your Teaching
5 weekly gatherings of 1½ hour each.
This module is for teachers with long or short teaching experience, who sometimes (or often) experience that a teaching session did not turn out well, or they are unsure about how it went.