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LINK - Centre for Learning, Innovation and Academic Development

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LINK contributes to strengthening the quality of education at UiO. We promote learning and innovation in UiO's education approach and practices, networking across disciplines, and enhancing the competence of teaching and student's learning.

Our working areas

The main focus for all LINK´s activities is to increase and innovate teaching and learning practices at the University of Oslo. Norwegian is our main operation language. Thus the vast majority of the sub-categories below will lead to a Norwegian page. 

Whenever you have questions or ideas, do not hesitate to reach out to us by e-mail or come by our office for a chat. 

Academic Development Programme

We develop and teach the university pedagogy programme for academic staff at the University of Oslo. The overall aim of this program is to contribute to a culture of continuous development of teaching and learning.

LINKs services


LINK is a driving force in the digitalisation work related to teaching at UiO. LINK supports UiO's strategic management, faculties and lecturers with competence development for increased educational quality. Among other things, LINK contributes to the implementation and follow-up of the academic communities' teaching projects. We also have dedicated responsibility for exploring digital opportunities and  assist with the ongoing development of the digital learning environment.

Production of video and media content

Video, podcasts and other media formats are in full swing in teaching and research dissemination. Video and animations can create enthusiasm and give life to a professional point. There are many usage areas and forms of production for video for teaching and dissemination, which LINK can advise.

Research and Development Projects

LINK is involved in various research and development projects in the education field - either alone or together with partners in and outside the University of Oslo - which contribute to the centre's research-based profile.

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