Reformation 1517-2017: Opening Seminar

The reformation was from its beginning in 1517 intimately connected to the universities. Critical readings and new hegemonies of knowledge paved the way for a cultural revolution that changed theology, law, education, as well as civil and political systems.

The University of Oslo will in a series of seminars investigate the Lutheran reformation through historical and actual perspectives. The Faculties of Theology, of Law, of Humanities and of Education collaborate in this.

This opening seminar gives and introduction to central topics that will be followed up in a series of lectures on the following Saturdays: 21.01, 28.01, 04.02, 11.02.


14:00: Opening by Rector, University of Oslo, Ole Petter Ottersen

14:15-14:35: Professor Tarald Rasmussen, University of Oslo: Remembering the Reformation

14:35-15:15: Professor Andrew Pettegree, St. Andrews University: Brand Luther: Martin Luther and the Making of a media phenomenon

15:30-16:10: Professor Thomas Kaufmann, University of Göttingen: Why celebrate the reformation today?

16:10-16:30: Professor Arne Bugge Amundsen, University of Oslo: The reformation as Cultural History

16:30: Discussion led by professor Aud V. Tønnessen, University of Oslo





















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