New European University Network to Launch

A group of world leading universities met today (1 June, 2016) in Brussels to found the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities.

The Guild brings together universities that have demonstrable excellence in teaching, research and policy formation from across Europe to collaborate on the creation of innovative solutions to some of Europe’s most intractable scientific and social challenges.

Amongst the institutions that met in Brussels were the universities of Bologna, Glasgow, Göttingen, Groningen, Krakow (Jagiellonian), Oslo, Tübingen, Uppsala, and Warwick. Other members will be announced when the Guild is formally launched on November 21st 2016, an event that will also be held in Brussels.

Rector of the University of Oslo and Chair of the Board of The Guild of European Research Intensive Universities, Prof Ole Petter Ottersen, commented that The Guild offered an exciting and rich resource to European Higher Education and spoke for all the members when he said, ‘The Guild represents a fresh approach to engagement and capacity building across Europe. We are excited by the prospect of engaging closely with the European Commission, European and national parliamentarians, officials and others to secure outstanding strategic and practical outcomes that will benefit the myriad communities of Europe.“

Officers were announced for The Guild. These are Professor Ole Petter Ottersen (Oslo) Chair; Professor Anton Muscatelli (Glasgow) vice-Chair; Professor Stanislaw Kistryn (Krakow) Treasurer and Professor Jan Palmowski (Warwick) Secretary General.

For more information please contact: Ole Petter Ottersen rektor(at) or Jan Palmowski j.palmowski(at)


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