The importance of a warm welcome

The University of Oslo is an international university. It is of great importance for us to attract, recruit and retain highly talented researchers from all over the world. Relocating to a new country and work environment can be challenging. Our new International Staff Mobility Office supports international staff, PhD candidates, guest researchers, and their families in all practical relocation issues.

We established an International Staff Mobility Office (ISMO) in February 2018 and from December 1 the office’s services will be available for all faculties at the University of Oslo.

ISMO’s services include accommodation, visa and permits in Norway, taxes, childcare and school, banking etc. Onboarding processes for UiO’s international researchers together with the local departments, dual career services for partners and more will be part of ISMOs focus in the future. ISMO hold different events for UiO’s international staff such as breakfast meetings, the course “How to understand Norwegian working culture” and tax seminars. Since the office still is under development it will prioritize services such as visa and permits, taxes etc. in the initial phase. 

The integration into social and academic life requires more than managing the bureaucracy. I am very glad for the recently launched “bottom-up” initiative FIRO - Forum for International Researchers in Oslo. I had the pleasure of discussing this initiative with some of the initiators earlier this year, and will recommend all that are interested to join the Facebook-group.

The FRIMO initiators launched the forum in Khrono. ​​​​From the left: Giuliano D'Amico, Andreas Carlson, Lena Gross, Mariel Aguilar-Støen and Malcolm Langford. Photo: Khrono/Runhild Heggem

The International Staff Mobility office is already highly used by the international staff. Since April 4, ISMO has had over 1500 inquiries from UiO’s international staff. Especially our newly affiliated staff contacts the office. ISMO is in contact with UiO’s international staff before their arrival to Norway, on their arrival and while they are at our university.

To succeed with developing a truly international university, we need both highly professional administrative services and an open and inclusive academic culture. The combination of our International Staff Mobility Office and the Forum for International Researchers in Oslo will surly make a considerable impact in the years to come. 

The ISMO team are ready to answer any questions you might have when relocating to The University of Oslo
Av Svein Stølen
Publisert 15. nov. 2018 09:20 - Sist endret 13. des. 2021 21:35
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Foto: Jarli & Jordan/UiO