Welcome to the International Summer School of 2022!

It is a great pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to the 76th session of the International Summer School. This summer we are hosting 534 participants from 75 countries all over the world. That is nothing less than impressing!

Bildet kan inneholde: hjul, sykkel, himmel, dekk, anlegg.

Once again the International Summer School is welcoming new students to campus. Photo: Benedicte Blix/ UiO

After two difficult years, we really appreciate that several of you will be able to take part in person on Blindern campus here at the University of Oslo – Norway´s oldest institution for research and higher education. Welcome also to those of you that participate digitally!

The University of Oslo acknowledges that learning happens both inside and outside the classroom, both experiential and theoretical. We encourage you to be active participants in their academic courses as well as during the free time, engaging in various social activities on and off campus.

In line with this, the International Summer School (ISS) is providing a program with both academic and social dimensions, which we hope you will enjoy – as previous participants have done in the past. The ISS combines academic analysis with interpersonal contact to develop insight, understanding and empathy.

Last year the ISS celebrated 75 years of continuous activity. During the past two years, thousands of students from almost 100 countries have defied hardships and time zones to pursue studies at the ISS. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, we have seen that our academic institution manages to gather people together from all over the world, albeit digitally.

The ISS has brought thousands of students, faculty and staff members, donors and partners together throughout the years. Each of whom are building blocks in a diverse learning community. The goal is to come together to study, interact, form new friendships and grow personally.

Hopefully, the ISS can serve a larger cause and build bridges of collaboration. International partnership can contribute to dialogue and cross-cultural understanding. Humanistic and social values have been rooted at the heart of the International Summer School ever since its foundation in 1947.

This is of particular relevance today, given the horrific events that took place here in our capital last weekend during the Pride celebrations. The shooting has left society in shock and sorrow, and our thoughts go to the bereaved and affected.

The University of Oslo was to participate in the parade together with OsloMet under the slogan "Fearless knowledge". If the attack is an expression of hatred towards a specific group in society, it shows that even here in our small corner of the world, we are still not on target when it comes to ensuring equal rights and respect for all people.

It is a fight we have to take every day, and we know you will join us in it.

A warm welcome to the ISS students of 2022!

Velkommen til Universitetet i Oslo!

We wish you an interesting, fruitful, and enjoyable summer at UiO!


Av Svein Stølen (Rector at the University of Oslo), Anne Cathrine Uteng Da Silva (Director of the International Summer School)
Publisert 28. juni 2022 08:02 - Sist endret 28. juni 2022 08:02
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Foto: Jarli & Jordan/UiO


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Foto: Jarli & Jordan/UiO