Quest for knowledge in the face of terror: open lectures at UiO

Last week, terror struck in Beirut and Paris. On Thursday, more than 40 were killed in the suicide attacks in Beirut. On Friday, 129 lost their lives in Paris. Such atrocities elicit not only grief and sorrow, but also an urgent need for understanding and comprehension. Here is where the university can contribute. With our academic breadth we can inform the public debate and help explain the inexplicable.  

Open seminar on terrorism

The University of Oslo arranged a series of "After 22 / 7- lectures" that were aired on TV and later published in book form. We gave open lectures after the attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this year. Now we arrange a seminar and panel debate in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks.

Has terror become the new norm? Must we turn to a life in constant fear of further attacks? What are the root causes of terror, and how can we deal with them?
These are some of the questions that haunt us all and that will be touched upon in our seminar in Litteraturhuset on Monday 30 November (Norwegian). The seminar is coordinated by the Faculty of social sciences and the discussion will be moderated by Thomas Hylland Eriksen. A preliminary program is provided further below.  

The program reflects that extremism in religious or secular terms must be met with scientifically based criticism, with knowledge and with the courage that is required to instill nuances in the public debate.  As academics we must insist that knowledge and rationality are the main antidotes against prejudice and fanaticism and that any university - not least our own - has an important role to play in a time of political and religious polarization.

Etter Paris – igjen: Er det mulig å bekjempe terrorisme?

Hvor: Litteraturhuset, Wergeland

Når: Mandag 30. november kl. 19.15

  • Terror-nettverkene som gjør Paris-angrepene mulig
    Thomas Hegghammer, forsker ved Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt og professor 2 ved Institutt for statsvitenskap, UiO
  • Hvordan reagerer vi på terror? Kan vi unngå et stadig mer polarisert Europa?
    Tore Bjørgo, professor ved Politihøgskolen og seniorforsker ved NUPI
  • Terror handler ikke om religion, eller? Om identitet og religion.
    Innleder ikke bekreftet.
  • Unntakstilstand og demokrati. Blikk på fransk politikk.
    Raino Malnes, professor Institutt for statsvitenskap, UiO

Ordstyrer: Thomas Hylland Eriksen, professor ved Sosialantropologisk institutt, UiO

Innleder: Rektor Ole Petter Ottersen


“På flukt”: Open lectures on the refugee crisis

As described in my previous blog the University of Oslo is also arranging lectures that address the current refugee crisis. The first lecture in this series will be given next week, on November 24. I am grateful and proud that Sir Paul Collier has agreed to give the opening lecture entitled  «Exodus: How migration is changing our world». See below for further information.  

With research based knowledge we wish to shed light on what the refugee crisis means: politically, historically, psychologically, economically and socially. Europe is being tested, and with it – our humanity.

Forelesningsserien «På flukt»

  • 24/11: Sir Paul Collier, Oxford University: «Exodus: How migration is changing our world». 14:15 - 16:00, Eilert Sundts hus, auditorium 1

  • 7/12: “Flukt, frykt og beskyttelse. Psykologiske aspekter ved tvungen migrasjon”. Fagansvarlig er Nora Sveaass, PSI.  Litteraturhuset

  • 11/1: «På flukt i en overopphetet verden» (fagansvarlig Thomas Hylland Eriksen, SAI), Litteraturhuset

  • 20/1-2016: «På flukt sett fra Europas ståsted» (fagansvarlig Grete Brochmann, ISS), Litteraturhuset

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