Energy forum: The role of the universities in the green transition

Universities have a global responsibility for facilitating and preparing for the green transition. The University of Oslo has every intention of laying the foundation for a green economy, not least through excellent and groundbreaking research.

The Global Challenges figure prominently in UiO’s Strategy plan. The enormous complexity of these challenges stimulates curiosity driven research and invites distinct disciplines to interact in a manner that is without precedence in modern time.

How to contribute
The UiO’s three interfaculty research areas – UiO:Life Science, UiO:Nordic, and UiO:Energy are all focused on sustainability – social, economic, and environmental. These three dimensions are inextricably intertwined, as clearly set out in the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Green transition is not only about technology.  March 1 was the startup date for a new project that illustrates just this. Professor Beate Sjåfjell’s project “Sustainable Market Actors: Responsible Trade” (SMART) asks how can we achieve global development goals, without destroying the very basis of our existence.  The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation, and involves 25 research institutions and more than 50 researchers around the world. It is an excellent example of how research in the social sciences and the humanities will have a strong and direct impact on the green transition.

On March 8 we invite you to Energy Forum 2016 where we will highlight the role of research and education in the green transition. This is a transition that will affect how we live, work, and travel. The green transition addresses climate issues, but also kindles new growth and new possibilities to sustain and promote energy safety, welfare and equality on a global scale.

We have gathered an interesting list of speakers and we are looking forward to this year’s energy forum that is taking place tomorrow in Oslo Science Park. The meeting is open to all, and you can register here.


I have blogged about UiO's various research projects within climate change and the green transition before:

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Av Ole Petter Ottersen
Publisert 7. mars 2016 13:21 - Sist endret 7. juli 2016 14:16
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