Music moves: A new MOOC from UiO

This morning I joined a new MOOC from UiO. Free of charge, and open even for rectors. After a few clicks I read that I – together with my fellow students – will “dig into the power of music, and why it is so important in most people’s lives”. This will be exciting. And I am sure that there are many others that have joined already and that will be sharing my excitement.

The Department of Musicology is responsible for this free online course entitled  “Music Moves: Why Does Music Make You Move ?”.  The MOOC was launched on  Monday, February 1 and will run for six weeks.

“What works” - our first international MOOC on the FutureLearn platform - was made in collaboration with several other universities, including Stanford University, Chancellor College in Malawi and China Agricultural University in Bejing. As newcomers in MOOC production, we found it useful and rewarding to walk the first mile together with other institutions.

Now we walk it alone. “Music Moves” is produced in its entirety at the University of Oslo. Over the last year the Department of Musicology has worked closely with the Department for Educational Technology at USIT to share with the world how and why we move to music.

It is safe to say that UiO’s Department of Musicology is one of the world’s leading research institutions on the topic of music and body movement, with excellent human and physical resources. All of these have been drawn upon in the making of Music Moves. The course is led by Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Hans Zeiner-Henriksen and Kristian Nymoen. Several other researchers from the Department are also involved in the production, both as interviewees and as musicians. Together they share their knowledge about why we move to music, what this body movement means for our experience of music, and what types of research methods can be used for studying such movements. The MOOC includes demonstrations of various types of motion capture technologies.

From what I have seen already – after having joined Music Moves this morning – we now have in hand a MOOC that provides insights into music research in an easily accessible format, with a large number of recorded lectures, performance excerpts, lab demonstrations, quizzes and tests.

In one of his recent speeches, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen emphasized the importance of introducing “nye læringsformer” – new approaches to teaching and learning. This statement fits squarely into our own strategy. We need to utilize and exploit new technologies. And we need to reach out to many. MOOCs are means to both ends.

Join the course!

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