Welcome to Studentslippet

On Saturday 27 August, Oslo´s new students take over our capital! You are all invited to a full day of activities – and a unique opportunity to get to know new people, and the city many of you just moved to. This is exactly the kind of initiative I missed when I started here as a student myself, more than four decades ago. 

An important part of being a student is to get to know new people and gain new experiences. Students of Oslo have told us that they miss a greater integration with the city they have chosen to live in (link in Norwegian) – they want to feel better included and more at home. This is why the University of Oslo, along with the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Norwegian Business School (BI), and SiO (the Welfare organization for students in Oslo and Akershus), have put together a full day of activities for you. Our aim is to give you an introduction to this wonderful city, and to each other.

We will kick everything off at 12 noon at St. Olavs gate 32, where you will be welcomed by the mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen, the rectors of HiOA, BI, and UiO, the chair of SiO, and student representatives. You will be treated to a free concert with one of Norway’s finest artists: Daniel Kvammen.

There will be activities throughout the city. Your buddies will take you to several posts, and introduce you to “must do’s” for all young inhabitants of Oslo. Take a selfie on the roof of the Opera, learn about the history behind the Nobel Peace Prize, go for a swim in the Oslo fjord… The list is long.  But remember: You are invited to post your pictures on instagram with the hashtag #studentslippet. Maybe you will end up as one of the lucky prize winners?  

Several of our museums and cultural institutions have joined in, offering free entrance on August 27. All you need to do is to claim your festival bracelet #studentslippet between 11 AM and noon on August 27. You will then be good to go.

I hope you will take advantage of this day, and that you will enjoy it together with new friends – and that you will discover some of the many fabulous sites our city has to offer! Based on my own experience: a strong and good connection with fellow students and your host city is part of the recipe for high-quality studies.

For full program, please visit #Studentslippet.

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