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Dark Matter or Gravity beyond General Relativity?
Professor David Fonseca Mota
13:15-14:00: Digitalt, Zoom (Astronomi, Fysikk)
Several astronomical experiments strongly indicate there is a dark matter component that has dominated our Universe most of its history: from galaxy scales to the horizon of the Universe. Physicists, however, do not know what it is, and in fact no hint of it has appeared after several decades of trying to find it in particle accelerators and via astrophysical probes. Nowadays, cosmologists wonder if the need of a dark matter component in the universe is not just a sign of the breaking down of Einstein theory of gravity at cosmological scales. In this talk, I will describe why astronomers propose the existence of dark matter, how one could modify Einstein’s General Relativity in order to account for it in our Universe, and how could we know whether a particle dark matter exists or if Einstein gravity is wrong.
Cosmic Microwave Background or how to capture a Big Bang photon
Stipendiat Maksym Brilenkov
14:15-15:00: Digitalt, Zoom (Astronomi, Fysikk)
Info: Cosmic Microwave Background are the photons which are coming from the Bing Bang till the present time; thus, they are an important source of data of the early Universe, which allows us to test the validity of various cosmological models. It is important to know how we are able to detect this radiation and to extract useful information from it. Hence, in this talk, I am going to briefly introduce the concept of Cosmic Microwave Background, its importance and implication for current cosmological research, And then I am going to discuss previous (COBE, WMAP, Planck, SPIDER etc.) cosmological experiments and also talk about future ones (LiteBIRD).