Infrastructure at RITMO

RITMO has a world-class infrastructure based on the combined infrastructure resources of the involved departments, including the equipment listed below and resources from fourMsROBIN, and FRONT Neurolab.

Available equipment

All RITMO researchers have access to the shared infrastructure, including:

  • 3T Phillips MRI scanner with 32-channel head coil, two well-equipped 64-channel Biosemi EEG systems, one 32-channel EEG system for use together with the MRI scanner.
  • Atlas high-speed 256-channel EEG with intracranial electrodes.
  • Eye trackers based on infrared cameras, sample rate from 50/60 Hz up to 250 Hz, iView pupillometry.
  • Five rooms equipped with a standardised behavioural experimental setup (Psychotoolbox and E-Prime2).
  • Physiological measures can be collected concurrently to behavioural responses to obtain data about activity in specific brain systems (e.g., the norepinephrine system with pupillometry).
  • 3D printers (Connex 500, Fortus 250mc and Ultimaker 2+), laser cutter (Epilog Zing 24) and milling machines (ISEL ICP 4030 and Protomat S62)
  • Qualisys) and Xsens motion capture, hi-speed video (PointGrey, Unibrain, 1000FPS), physiological sensors (MEGA EMG, Novaxon), and a 60-channel ambisonics system for spatial audio.
  • Two recording and mixing studios with professional software and hardware (ProTools, SSL mixer, equipment for analog and digital sound processing).
  • Access to UiO’s large-scale data storage and super computing facilities.