Food & Paper: Where is the beat in that note? (Danielsen & Nymoen)

Anne Danielsen and Kristian Nymoen will present one of their latest papers.


When coordinating physical actions with sounds, we synchronise our actions with the perceptual center (P-center) of the sound, understood as the specific moment at which the sound is perceived to occur. In this Food & Paper talk we will report from a series of experiments where we probe the influence of Attack (rise time), Duration, and Frequency (center frequency) on the perceived P-center location and P-center variability of musical and quasi-musical sounds. 

The experiments were conducted as part of the project TIME: Timing and Sound in Musical Microrhythm.

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Published Mar. 25, 2019 2:28 PM - Last modified Mar. 26, 2020 4:18 PM