Food and Paper: Robots, Movement & Animation (Trenton Schulz)

This week's Food and Paper will be given by Trenton Schulz (Dept of Informatics, UiO)


Can we make robots move in ways that are not so "robot-like"? What about making them move like cartoons? This talk will examine the Twelve Principles of Animation and see how they can be applied to robots. We will then focus more explicitly on trying to implement one principle as an algorithm and an experiment to see how it affects people interacting with the robot


Trenton Schulz has a PhD in computer science and is a senior researcher at the Norwegian Computing Center, and he also has a 20% position with the Design of Information Systems group at the University of Oslo.

Schulz specializes in human-robot interaction (HRI), universal information and communication technology (ICT) design, smart systems and information security. Schulz's dissertation was about using techniques from animation to move robots. Schulz has experience planning and running user studies, interviews and focus groups in different settings such as home, office, lab, virtual reality and over video conference.

In addition to research, Schulz has broad experience in development on a variety of systems and development languages. Before starting research, Schulz worked for eight years on Qt, a C++ tool used by thousands of developers to create applications on multiple platforms (both on mobile and on regular PCs).

Published Sep. 20, 2022 10:06 PM - Last modified Sep. 27, 2022 5:14 PM