Fadi Al-Ghawanmeh

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Mobile phone +33754561596
Postal address 19 Av. Saint-Sébastien APPT 5 Viller-les-Nancy 54600 France

Professional interests

My passion is the design and development of high quality computer-generated (or assisted) music influenced by maqam music. I also aim to spread this knowledge via education, performance, and multimedia. I apply Natural Language Processing techniques for AI-based music composition, and also do audio and music signal processing.


I have enjoyed working on Mawaweel, an application that provides automatic accompaniment customized to Arab music. I started with a knowledge-based model when completing my MA in Music Technology at New York University. I continued my research when I joined the University of Jordan’s Music Department as an instructor for several years. In the past period, I started investigating a machine learning approach based on Statistical Machine Translation. This led me to my current PhD research at the University of Oslo and the University of Lorraine, where I am working on automatic composition based on Natural Language Processing with control to allow for individual customization.

Tags: Automatic Composition, NLP, Music Signal Analysis, Maqam Music, Technology and Music Education
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