Short Term Scientific Missions

Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are aimed at creating and strengthening collaboration between RITMO and the RITPART partner institutions: University of California at Berkeley, McGill University and Toyohashi University. Funding is available for RITMO-related visits between Oslo and the three partners, and is open for Master’s and PhD students, researchers, faculty and technical/administrative staff.

Objectives of a STSM

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are 1-4 week-long research visits between the strategic partners. The aim is to explore particular methods that are available at the partner institutions, and/or engage in collaborative projects. The STSMs are meant to complement other funding possibilities, since they are longer than just a short visit, and shorter than semester-long exchanges.


Core topics of interest for RITPART are neuroimaging, motion capture, and eye tracking, but other topics that relate to RITMO's research activities are also encouraged.


The selection of STSMs will be done by the Management Committee of RITPART. The selection criteria are:

  1. Academic quality

  2. Feasibility

  3. Relevance to RITMO’s research activities


The application needs to contain:

  • A work plan (max. 2 pages) with:

    • An outline of the goal of the visit

    • The responsible faculty member at the host institution

    • The responsible principal investigator from the sending institution (supervisor/mentor for students/postdocs)

  • A CV including a publication list

  • If data collection is going to take place:

    • Ethical clearance needs to have been approved prior to the STSM (if relevant)

    • Data management plan (if relevant)

Financial support

The STSM grant normally covers costs related to travel and accommodation for 1-4-week long stays. The accommodation is limited to NOK 1500,- per day, and the total cost asked for should not exceed NOK 40 000,- per STSM. Any exception needs special justification. If approved, the grant will be paid in the form of a reimbursement of costs by the University of Oslo.

After the STSM

After completion of the STSM the grantee is required to submit a short report in the form of a “blog post” that will be showcased on the RITPART web page.

Any publications following from a STSM should mention RITPART (project number 274996) in the acknowledgments, and should ideally be co-authored by researchers from both institutions.

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