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fourMs Lab

The fourMs Lab (Music, Mind, Motion, Machines) is an interfacultary research lab focused on topics on the boundaries of music, cognition and technology. From 2018, the fourMs Lab activities are continued within RITMO - Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Rhythm, Time and Motion, a Norwegian Centre of Excellence.

The fourMs Lab is the only lab in Norway in which it is possible to combine high-quality multichannel audio/video recordings with motion capture and physiological measurements. It is also unique in that it allows for real-time sonification of data with an immersive sound system.

Built as a flexible black-box, it also allows for running small concerts with an audience. This makes it possible to carry out both observation and intervention studies.

Borealis concert
Photos from a music performance experiment with the Borealis String Quartet in the fourMs lab in December 2019. The lab can fit a small audience of around 20 people (left). The musicians wore motion capture suits, heart rate sensors, and eye tracking glasses (middle). Researchers run the experiment from a separate control room (right).

Researchers from the fourMs Lab have been at the forefront in developing software for the analysis of music-related body motion. The lab has also pushed for international standardization strategies and open research strategies, most recently through the MusicLab concept.

Tags: music, mind, motion, machines
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