Interactive Music @Gabler

Visiting researcher Yago de Quay will showcase his latest Interactive Systems for dance clubs at the venue Gabler . There will be four systems at work that night, namely the wii-make-music , video jockey , DJ , and motion to music . More information below.

Description of the four systems in use (from Yago's blog): 

wii-make-music consists of two wii remotes with colorful ribbons attached that make music when handled. Using the objects acceleration, one of the wiis will trigger notes and the other control a band pass filter applied on chords. The wiis are connected by Osculator to a mac, but the data is analysed and the sound is produced on a PC. To decide what notes to play, audio from the main mixer will be fed into a music information retrieval patch which outputs a probability table of notes.

The video jockey system consists of a camera pointing toward the bar counter, where people dance most often, and projecting that image on a wall after having it pass through various video effects.

Music will be played using online sources through two computers. The main playlist is hosted at and is open for any one to contribute. Some songs will also be stored on both computers in case the internet fails.

The last interactive system is a podium where a user can hear sounds responding to his/her movements. For a visual feedback, screens all over the club will also display the same user with visual effects.  This will be done using an infrared Optitrack camera. Behind the podium, on the wall, there will be some reflective markers that will help with visual effects cues and sound manipulation. Quantity of motion and will also be used for the same purpose.

During the night, I also expect to showcase some of my own music compositions that I’ve been working on since I arrived at Oslo.

Tags: performance, interactive music, optitrack, wii, video, sound
Published June 16, 2019 10:16 PM - Last modified June 10, 2020 6:32 PM