fourMs Forum: Aasen and Ellefsen/Tørresen

Solveig Aasen (IFIKK) and Kai Olav Ellefsen/Jim Tørresen (IFI) will present some of their latest research in music, dance, movement, robotics and health applications.

The fourMs Forum is a monthly research seminar for anyone interested in the topics of Music, Mind, Motion and Machines.

The movement of music vs. the movement in dance: Two related phenomena?
Associate professor Solveig Aasen, Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas

We sometimes say that the music moves, but in what sense can this be true? The tones come one after another and hence form a succession rather than a movement. However, by comparing the hearing of music with certain cross-modal experiences, we may make room for an interpretation the claim that the music moves. With this interpretation in mind, I ask: Is the movement of the music related to the bodily movement that listeners often feel inclined to make, and if so, how? How can we metaphysically understand a choreographer’s talk of moving ‘with’ or ‘against’ the music?

Machine learning has many application areas – an introduction to current research projects at ROBIN/IFI
Postdoctoral researcher Kai Olav Ellefsen and Professor Jim Tørresen, Robotics and Intelligent systems research group, Department of Informatics

Introduction to our ongoing Research Council of Norway projects with applications in music, robotics and health with a more in-depth presentation of self-modelling for application in music and robotics


Tags: music, mind, motion, machines
Published Aug. 16, 2016 9:14 PM - Last modified Dec. 6, 2018 5:18 PM