fourMs Forum: Holbrook and Song

Research fellow Ulf Holbrook and postdoctoral researcher Minho Song will present some of their latest research.

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The fourMs Forum is a monthly research seminar for anyone interested in the topics of Music, Mind, Motion and Machines.

Spatialization and algorithms
Ulf Holbrook

For this forum presentation I'll be talking about my artistic and research background before starting the current project at IMV which covers sculpture, composition, performance, machine learning and spatialization. The presentation will also cover aspects of the current state of the ongoing research project into spatialization to be conducted at IMV for the next years.

Driving a mocap system along its limits: Seeing faster and smaller motions
Minho Song

In this meeting, I want to discuss about three problems that you face when trying to see the motions in the extreme region (fast and tiny motions). The first problem is about the “tracking ability” of mocap system. Recently, we have proposed a measure, “Tracking efficiency constant” which can be used for evaluating the tracking ability of mocap devices. With the review of the theory, a brief experiment result comparing the tracking ability of three major professional mocap products (ViCon, OptiTrack, Qualisys) will be introduced. In the second, “detectability problem” will be defined; an image-darkening problem when the device over-clocks with a frame rate up to 10kHz. In the last, I want to discuss about the random measurement noise of the device, which can be a serious problem when the amplitude of the motion is small (Low SNR). The statistical characteristic of the noise and relation to calibration quality will be discussed.

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