fourMs Forum: Kelkar and Martin

Research fellow Tejaswinee Kelkar and postdoctoral researcher Charles Martin will present some of their latest research.

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The fourMs Forum is a monthly research seminar for anyone interested in the topics of Music, Mind, Motion and Machines.


Tejaswinee Kelkar: Melody and motion

In this talk, I will speak about my masters project, which was about analysing the relationship between music and mental imagery. I address the mental imagery used by vocalists to communicate the spatial process of improvisation, and how topological space can be used to construct different levels of interpreting modal relationships. I will then talk briefly about the current research in melodic perception with a review of the methods and results from various relevant papers. I will also introduce preliminary analysis of data from an experiment on melody and motion that was conducted in the motion capture lab in September.

Charles Martin: Apps, Agents, and Improvisation: Mediating Ensemble Performance on Touch-Screen Instruments

In this talk, Charles Martin will will present two strategies for automatically mediating free-improvisations by an ensemble of iPad-performers: networked instruments, where functionality in the iPad apps is linked across the ensemble, and an Ensemble Director Agent, where an intelligent agent tracks the ensemble and adjusts the apps throughout the performance. These two strategies have been implemented in an iPad app for percussive performance called PhaseRings. Charles will discuss the results of studies of concert performance with this app as well as a rehearsal-as-research HCI experiment.

Published Aug. 16, 2016 9:07 PM - Last modified June 10, 2020 5:54 PM