fourMs Forum: new UiO researchers and Delsys introduction

Presentation of our new researchers (Jonna Vuoskoski, Olivier Lartillot, Georgios Sioros) and a quick demonstration of our new Delsys EMG system.

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Our new Delsys EMG system


13:15-14:00 Presentation of our new researchers
14:15-15:00 Presentation of the Delsys EMG system for muscle sensing



Jonna Vuoskoski is the new associate professor in music cognition, shared 50/50 between the departments of Musicology and Psychology. Her research reflects this interdisciplinary setting, focusing on aspects of social and embodied cognition in the context of music, and on music and emotion. In her talk Jonna will speak briefly about her current and past research, and discuss her future research plans.

Olivier Lartillot just started working as a researcher on the SoundTracer project, an innovation project in collaboration with the National Library of Norway. The idea is to develop a prototype mobile app for a "query-by-gesturing" system, in which the user would perform a gesture and retrieve a sound file from the entire collection of the National Library of Norway. Olivier will continue developing his music analysis software MiningSuite (which is the continuation of his MIRtoolbox), with planned integration of musical gesture analysis. He will also continue collaborating on the TIME project.

Georgios Sioros is a postdoctoral researcher on the TIME project. The project's aim is to understand the relation between sound-related aspects and rhythm perception and performance and what role might culture play in this relation. Georgios will contribute to the project in the design and analysis of behavioral and motion-caption experiments.


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