Norwegian Championship of Standstill 2018

Results from the 2018 Norwegian Championship of Standstill, held at the University of Oslo.

People standing still

From the winner heat during the 2018 edition of the Norwegian Championship of Standstill.

The Norwegian Championship of Standstill is a competition in which the participants stand still for 6 minutes, with and without music. The competition is part of research at the University of Oslo aimed at understanding more about how music influences human body motion.

Top 10 results

# Navn Quantity of Motion (mm/s)
1 Ranja Elvestrand 5.84
2 XX 6.55
3 XX 7.11
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Ranja Elvestrand, the Norwegian champion of standstill 2018, with Alexander Refsum Jensenius.

All results

The graph below shows the average quantity of motion values for all participants.

Quantity of motion (mm/s) for each participant.


Thanks to everyone that organised the championship: Agata Zelechowska, Victor Gonzalez Sanchez, David Buverud, Victoria Tømmeraas Berg, Alexander Refsum Jensenius.

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