Presentations and Publications at NIME 2015

This year's International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression was held at Louisiana State University. Researchers and affiliates of the fourMs group contributed with 3 publications. 


Microinteraction in Music/Dance Performance.
Jensenius, A. R. (2015). (PDF)

This paper presents the scientific-artistic project Sverm, which has focused on the use of micromotion and microsound in artistic practice. Starting from standing still in silence, the artists involved have developed conceptual and experiential knowledge of microactions, microsounds and the possibilities of microinteracting with light and sound.



Posterpresentation Alexander

MuMYO – Evaluating and Exploring the MYO Armband for Musical Interaction.
Nymoen, K.; Haugen, M. R. & Jensenius, A. R. (2015). (PDF)

The MYO armband from Thalmic Labs is a complete and wireless motion and muscle sensing platform. This paper evaluates the armband’s sensors and its potential for NIME applications. This is followed by a presentation of the prototype instrument MuMYO. We conclude that, despite some shortcomings, the armband has potential of becoming a new “standard” controller in the NIME community.




Posterpresentation Natasha

Creating tangible spatial-musical images from physical performance gestures.
Barrett, N. (2015). (PDF)

Electroacoustic music has a longstanding relationship with gesture and space. This paper marks the start of a project investigating acousmatic spatial imagery, real gestural behaviour and ultimately the formation of tangible acousmatic images. These concepts are explored experimentally using motion tracking in a source-sound recording context, interactive parameter-mapping sonification in threedimensional high-order ambisonics, composition and performance. The spatio-musical role of physical actions in relation to instrument excitation is used as a point of departure for embodying physical spatial gestures in the creative process. The work draws on how imagery for music is closely linked with imagery for music-related actions.


Performance: 'Topology Chamber 1'
Barrett, N.

'Topology Chamber 1' is a hybrid between improvisation, live spatialisation and composition, investigating through practical application the link between spatial composition and the physical spatial gestures derived from source-sounds used in the creative process.


By Diana Kayser
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