Oslo Laptop Orchestra

Oslo Laptop Orchestra (OLO) is an ad-hoc ensemble consisting of students and faculty from the University of Oslo and Norwegian Academy of Music. The main idea is to explore the laptop as a musical instrument in a collaborative setting. The orchestra performs the standard repertoire for laptop orchestras, and develops own pieces for different setups and constellations.


Oslo Laptop Orchestra (OLO) was started by Kjell Tore Innervik and Alexander Refsum Jensenius in 2007, and has been carrying out workshops and concerts at irregular intervals ever since. OLO is following in the tradition of PLOrk , where each performer has a laptop, speakers and controllers.


  • we think of our laptops as any other type of instrument, and performs with them as if we had been playing clarinets, trumpets, etc.
  • we embrace the new possibilities that digital instruments allow for, and the social aspects of playing together
  • we only rely on sound coming from the extended instrument, we never use an external PA system

These rules can be seen as limitations, but they are also liberating and gives the ensemble a clear aesthetic, visual and musical appearance.



Here are some recordings from past performances:





The ensemble is organized as a pool of musicians. The following people have participated so far:

  • Alexander Refsum Jensenius (director)
  • Håvard Gressum Antonsen
  • Martin Caspersen
  • Mats Claesson
  • Lars Gärtner Fremmerlid
  • Alexander Frogner
  • Ivar Frounberg
  • Marcus Furuholmen
  • Viet Phi Uy Hoang
  • Mats Høvin
  • Kjell Tore Innervik
  • Jørgen Karlstrøm
  • Håkon Kvidal
  • Tellef Kvifte
  • Kristian Nymoen
  • Dositheos Rivocantus
  • Alexander Rødseth
  • Ståle A. Skogstad
  • Peter Tornquist
  • Anders Tveit
  • Arve Voldsund
  • Rob Waring

New members are always welcome. Contact Alexander Refsum Jensenius if you are interested.



We perform with regular laptops, using active studio speakers to get a bit louder sound.

  • Wiki page with technical info
  • Software repository at Google code
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