Oslo Mobile Orchestra (OMO)

Oslo Mobile Orchestra (previously Oslo iPhone Ensemble) explores the future of mobile music performance in a collaborative setting. The ensemble is an ad-hoc group of students and researchers from the University of Oslo and Norwegian Academy of Music.

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Oslo Mobile Orchestra performing at the VERDIKT 2010 conference (Photo: Ståle A. Skogstad).


Our concept is building on previous work in the Oslo Laptop Orchestra:

  • we think of our mobile phones as any other type of instrument, and performs with them as if we had been playing clarinets, trumpets, etc.
  • we embrace the new possibilities that digital instruments allow for, and the social aspects of playing together
  • we only rely on sound coming from the instrument, we never use an external PA system

These rules can be seen as limitations, but they are also liberating and gives the ensemble a clear aesthetic, visual and musical appearance.


Video documentation

12 October 2012, UiO Festival 2012

14 March 2012, UiO Science Library

Hang, 12 December 2011





Other appearances

  • Sound from one of our performances has been used in the short documentary The Thinking Robot.



The ensemble is organized as a pool of musicians. The following people have participated so far:

  • Alexander Refsum Jensenius (director)
  • Håvard Antonsen
  • Even Bekkedal
  • Martin Caspersen
  • Arjun Chandra
  • Lars Fremmerlid
  • Alexander Frogner
  • Tor Halmrast
  • Anders Kregnes Hansen
  • Viet Phi Uy Hoang
  • Kjell Tore Innervik
  • Lisa Schøne Johansen
  • Håkon Knutzen
  • Tommy Madsen
  • Kjetil Myklebust
  • Kristian Nymoen
  • Dositheos Rivocantus
  • Alexander Rødseth
  • Hauk J. Røsten
  • Bjørnar Sandvik
  • Eirik Sletteberg
  • Christopher Straume
  • Catherine I. Støver
  • Anders Tveit
  • Arve Voldsund
  • Steinar Yggeseth

New members are always welcome. Contact Alexander Refsum Jensenius if you are interested.



We perform with regular iPhones, using some small Sony Ericsson speakers to get a bit louder sound. The phones are connected to the speakers using a home-sown solution.

iPhone solution

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