An application for realtime spectral analysis of audio and video. 

Screenshot of AudioVideoAnalysis

AudioVideoAnalysis 2.0


  • Draw spectrogram from any connected sound source
  • Spectral blurring effect and dynamic control of spectrograms logarithmic curve.
  • Customize analysis audio source input (up to 4 channels).
  • Monitor audio signal pre-recording.
  • Draw motion/videogram from any connected camera source.
  • Multiple video noise reduction types.

Additional features

  • Multiple display viewing options.
  • Post-recording image processing.
  • Retrieve spectrogram time, amplitude and frequency info at clickpoint.
  • Customize the rate (display length in seconds) of image printing.
  • Add analysis grid and markers (frequency and time) with dynamic grid size.
  • Export the recorded images.

Please see this tutorial for more information.


If you use this toolbox for research purposes, please reference this publication:

  • Jensenius, Alexander Refsum (2005). Developing Tools for Studying Musical Gestures within the Max/MSP/Jitter Environment. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, p. 282-285. Online at
Tags: software, audio, video, analysis, max, jitter, motiongram, spectrogram
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