Non-realtime video analysis, exporting motiongrams and various quantitative features of movement in the video file.


  • Imports a folder of video files for batch processing

  • Realtime previewing of video, motion image, motiongrams and analysis data

  • Outputs horizontal and vertical motiongrams

  • The output files are saved in the location of, and names based on, the original video file.

  • Outputs a text file with the following data:

    • The first column contains a time stamp.

    • Columns 2 through 10 contains filtered data

    • Columns 11 through 19 contains unfiltered data

      • Xposition, Yposition, Xvelocity, Yvelocity, absolute velocity, direction, absolute acceleration, change in direction, Quantity of Motion

  • Please see the wiki page about how to use the exported data.


A quick video demonstrating how the program works:

Download high-resolution QuickTime version of this movie.




Q: What are the numbers being exported?
A: Check this wiki page

Q: What type of video file should I use?
A: VideoAnalysis uses the QuickTime engine, so any video file that can open and play in QuickTime should also open and play in VideoAnalysis.

Q: How do I import the data into OpenOffice
A: This video shows how to import (in Norwegian).

Q: What type of video compression should I use? 
A: This depends on many factors. The best is to use uncompressed video, but this is usually not practically possible. Second best is to use a file format that compresses the video on a per frame basis, e.g. Motion JPEG (MJPEG). Other compression types, e.g. MPEG-1/2/4 use keyframes for compression. That said, we often use MPEG-4 (H.264) compression, since this gives a high visual quality and small file size.

Claudia Mauléon and Esteban Etcheverry have written a short overview of their experiences with working with VideoAnalysis on Windows.


  • Built with Max/MSP/Jitter by Cycling '74.


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