mcrtanimate - 3D animation for MoCap Toolbox

This software enables realtime streaming of mocap data from the MoCap toolbox for Matlab, synchronised with audio. 


Video demonstration


  • Get the MoCap Toolbox for Matlab
  • Start the included application mcrtanimate, or use Max5 to open the source file mcrtanimate.maxpat.
  • In Matlab, cd into the correct directory
  • load('OldBlackMagic.mat') -this matlab workspace contains six mocap recordings
  • mcrtanimate(OBM1,animpar)
  • in the Max GUI: press "play"


  • Realtime display of mocap data structs from the mocap toolbox
  • Syncing mocap data to audio recording
  • Playing at slower or faster tempo
  • Scrubbing back and forth in the mocap recording
  • Looping parts of the mocap recording


  • Built with Max 6 by Cycling '74.
  • Uses Lmult by Peter Elsea, OSC-route by Matt Wright & Michael Zbyszynski, sadam.udpReceiver by Adam Siska.
Tags: MoCap Toolbox, Animation, Motion Capture, Matlab By Kristian Nymoen
Published July 10, 2012 9:10 AM - Last modified Oct. 22, 2020 1:41 PM